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JUNE 30, 2022
 Six stars out of five!! I can’t tell you how many swimsuits I have.. I’ve lost count! But all the ones I e had since your first company, are still in fine shape! I can’t even count how many I have gotten from you! No other company matches your quality, your designs and the ability that I have to design my own!! Keep up the great work. 


MAY, 2022
Ron as usual the bikini fits great

As your products always do. Keep up the great work. You are an artist. Best regards.|
John Bonghi



JANUARY 9,2022

Thanks Ron. I received my Free Form g-string swimwear in the mail yesterday. They are just what I was hoping for. I had some similar ones that I ordered from another company years ago and I have not been able to find anything to replace them until now. I love the colors and I love the fact that there is no thong strap in the back. They are definitely "free form" with very minimal coverage. They fit well and they keep things well contained. I even worked out with them this morning and had no wardrobe malfunctions. Thank you again. I plan to do more business with you in the future.


 NOVEMBER12, 2021
You do one hell of a front pouch, Sir!
 Awesomely sexily cut, superbly comfortable fit, reassuringly safe hold.
Luv ‘em, luv ‘em, luv ‘em!!!
Thanks, Ron
Very best wishes, George



AUGUST 28,2020
 I bought THE mens HALF SHEER LEG SQUARECUT.  They are exceptional. The fabric is high quality and feels good on. It's cool because you can hide your package, or show it off with the sheer half.  I have worn the half- and half boxer to parties and as a swim suit. Everyone loved them. Both items are made so well.



Product: BIKINI SWIMWEAR-SLIDE FRONT AND BACK" (46 Prints and 30 Solid Color Selections)
Posted By: The Lake Guy

AUGUST 18, 2020-When I found this product online I was skeptical because I usually order from the larger companies. I ordered because the print caught my eye.

When I received the products I was quite pleasantly surprised. They were exactly what I was looking for. The size estimation was spot on.

Excellent choice. I will certainly order from here again.

AUGUST 1, 2020
The product ( RAINBOW BAND BIKINI) fit fantastic. When I contacted the Ron and asked if I could get it sooner because I needed it for a pool party. He delivered on time and it looked great.
Anthony- California


JULY 27, 2020 Ordered my 3rd pair in all white. Love this style and the quality couldn’t be any better. Questions are handled quickly! Never any issues. 
Thanks Ron


JULY 21, 2020
 - No matter what my request is for a custom suit, Ron has always come through with flying colors. I have ordered many different suits from Ron and always get a GREAT PRODUCT every time. This suit, and all the others, have great custom sewing to make them last and last. THANKS so much Ron for your skills and dedication to your work.
You are the man


 Hi Ron
 Always great quality and fits. The first one I tried and I just couldn't take it off. It was perfect!I wore it around the pool and patio all afternoon and evening. It was EXTREMELY comfortable. Supportive but comfortable, they stayed in place but not tight. The sheer material dries really fast as you would expect for mesh/tan-thru and the pattern (SH2) looks great in person which is not always the case for this material.I probably have 50 swimsuits (all the way from g-stings to shorts) and these are by far my new favorite.I got these because it was hard to find a good fitting tan thru thong. Found the


Hi Ron, Just to let you know that I received my order yesterday and how pleased I am with both pairs of swim briefs. The quality is fantastic and they fit perfectly. I will certainly be ordering more items from you in the future. I hope that you are feeling much better and making a good recovery following your treatment. Very best wishes. Mark

Hi Ron,
I want to tell you again how happy I am with the briefs. After wearing them for a couple of months, I have never had a briefs that fit so well and were so comfortable all day.
Thanks again,
Thank you!
The new suits are awesome and I really enjoy the colors! My problem is I always seeing new styles that I want depending on what pool or beach I am at. Well, what I can get away with wearing anyway! 
Darron C

Thanks a bunch....I really like the quality of the material and your workmanship..larry
 William W

Thank you for the personalized service! I so excited to get my new sheer underwear. I’ve looked so many places for something sheer or mesh that can be worn under swim trunks that don’t have built-in liners. Nothing wrong with showing off a little, but sometimes I like to “contain” things when swimming, especially in a light colored trunk. If I like this sheer thong, I will be re-ordering in several colors! 


Dear Ron,
 I received the second swimsuit.  Both the purple and navy blue suits are awesome.
 You are a true craftsman! 
 Great products.
 Many thanks.
G Swan


Hi Ron,
I'm actually surprised that you are able to put a drawstring in the 1/2" suits. No one else that I know of does this. I'm considering the 1/2" with a Rio back and ultra slim front with the drzawstring.  I think it will look good on me and maximize my tan, ha ha.  Off to work out and then hit the beach in my new swimsuit :).
M Perin


Thanks Ron! As always: perfect! It looks like you are the only guy who knows how to make

anatomically correct swimwear.
Paul E


You definitely have the best site for men to find sexy and flattering swimwear in a large variety of sizes and customized cuts and colors!  There is nothing else out there like what you offer, and I'm very grateful for your company.  I travel to Caribbean beaches fairly often, and I always find Europeans and even some Americans take note of your suits that I wear.


GOSH you have the BEST designs and colors - thanks for living your life in a way that allows you to be creative and bring happiness through confidence to others.
People like you create a lot of happiness!
My hat is off to you!
Brian M, Virginia


I just received my order and I was very pleased. I have been buying my underwear from you for a very long time. You are always willing to work with me so that the item I receive is always what I want. The quality of your work is excellent. The amount you charge for you underwear is very reasonable for all the work you put in to it. 
 This time I ordered your item number, UN038. This item comes with a smooth front and you made the Back Cut: Rio (Brazilian) and the Front Cut: Ultra Slim in Royal Blue. You customized the Back Cut by making it a little smaller, just the way I wanted it. It has a great fit, good style, and the material is very soft – GREAT JOB!
 Ron, I will be ordering from you again, very soon.
 Len T.


I just received my order from you today. Thank you so much ! As with all the other suits I've bought from you (mostly back when you were HE Swimwear), your styles, fabrics, and workmanship are top-notch.

I've tried on all four of the new suits, and they're perfect. They feel sexy and very comfortable, more so than any suits I've bought from anyone else. Your suits have consistently been the best I've ever bought. I am one VERY happy customer!
Thank you for your great suits!
Paul G.

I received my order and you did a fantastic job!  I spent decades looking for decent fitting briefs and succeeded about 15% of the time.  Not a good rate of return.  Your personal service is invaluable.  Thanks again.
Mark M.

Howzit Ron! I received my order. Thank you so very much! I will be placing another order soon. I really like the cut of the cotton underwear.
Kyle T

The new suits are awesome and I really enjoy the colors! My problem is I always see new styles that I want depending on what pool or beach I am at. Well, what I can get away with wearing anyway!
Darron C

Ron, I received my order today.  They fit great!!!

They suits are absolutely perfect, and the material,...., just beautiful.
Just for your information, the "Stars and Stripes" swimsuit I ordered from you a while back,
...I have used it the same amount of times as the other swimsuits, and it is still in perfect condition.
There are NO signs of fraying or wear. I would definitely recommend this material .

Best wishes,
I really like your choice of colors.
John T  

 Hi Ron,

Order has arrived today and it fitts perfectly, feels very sexy in all the adjustible modes, can't wait to wear it on the beach and get a sexy bikini line sun tan,
thanx and regards


I do like the seam in the back, and wish I got the black one like that!   Yes I agree that the seam emphasizes the cheeks which I like.  That rio back will allow me to tan my buns without wearing a thong.
Jason M

I just have to tell you. Your suits last longer than Tyr and Speedo. They are the best suits I ever had.
Steve B, California

Milam A

Lenny R, the Netherlands

The sheer mesh underwear look super sexy and will go with my Hollywood.actually,  I'm in Japan at the momenty & I've kept a couple of your mastered tailored mesh underwear fresh to walk round the men's baths in. They keep me inside unlike some of your competitors where the mesh has laddered. I'll be placing an order on my return.
Ian M.

 Hi Ron, You are the master!  My order is perfect!  I sent another order just now.  It will be my final order for a while but I'll keep checking back from time to time to see if you've posted any new or different solid colors or patterns.  You did a great job with my swimsuits and all of the new changes have made my Pattern On File the perfect pattern.  I hope your business thrives.  For expertise and personalized service there is no one better.  Take care.

Mark M.----California

Suits are great ! Fit is excellent ! Bought full adjustable bikini and micro custom and love them both.Excellent craftsmanship,great color and pattern choices,very happy with outcome.Thanks Ron job well done your my number one guy for future suits.
Robin F, Illinois

I have made countless online purchases of swimsuits from other companies, only to be disappointed by the way their swimsuits fit.  They are always too small.  While searching for swimsuits online I stumbled upon Buffedbod.com.  While reading the websites comments section I noticed that someone had mailed a swimsuit they liked to buffedbod, asked that a duplicate be made and commented that they were very pleased.  I contacted Ron, the proprietor of buffedbod and asked if I could do the same and asked if I could get "upgrades" such as a matte or dull finished Nylon Lycra Spandex, specific solid color choices and removal of a small dart located on the crotch of the original.  After mailing him that swim brief that fits me perfectly I requested a duplicate with the changes.  I also paid an extra $30.00 for that pattern to be kept on file for any future swimsuits.  When I received my briefs I was amazed.  They were an exact duplicate with all of the changes and sewn to perfection!  I was so astonished with his ability to accomplish this request that I immediately placed another large order for different colors.  
If you already have a swimsuit you like and that fits you perfectly and would like more I would highly recommend you ask Ron to make you a duplicate.  You will be very pleased and satisfied.  I would also highly recommend that you pay the $30.00 pattern fee because I'm fairly certain you too will want to order more swimsuits in different colors or with different designs.

Mark M. - California

I just wanted to let you know I received the swimsuit I ordered (10240) from you a few weeks ago. It is easy to tell it is very well made, and it's one of the best looking suits I've purchased. Can't wait to get out on the beach with it.  Thanks a bunch.
Thomas B.

JUNE 20,2014
Received my suit this evening, Absolutely Love it!!! The quality and color pattern is excellent. I will be ordering more of this style in the future. Looking forward to showing it off in Jamaica and when people ask i will certainly tell them about you. I will be sending pics to show you. You pulled it off!
Thanks so much,

Ron has been making custom swimwear for me for over 10 years. I have ordered dozens of suits from him. Each is sewn to perfection, the fit is perfect and the color selection and options are endless. My favorite is the front and back slide  bikini. I liked the fact that each suit is unique and nobody else will be wearing the same suit that I am wearing at the pool or beach. Keep up the good work Ron! California client forever!


MENS BIKINI - SMOOTH FRONT ( 100 Print and Color ) The 31-33" size is a perfect fit (33 waist, 175 lbs) , great choice of fabrics, durable, great style/cut selections and comfortable.

I received the suits, tried them on and they fit perfectly .Nice job ,you did very well. The workmanship is very good and the fit is a good compromise between needed support and comfort.
Bob P.

Got home yesterday and opened the order.
Let me just say, "FANTASTIC!".
The SWG004, the red/wht/bl that we made in green...this is perhaps the most comfortable thing I've every owned!  And the green is just perfect.
The Hoist suit was a deliberate experiment, not something I've ever had before, so kind of a new concept for me.  The color, again, is amazing.  As always, your workmanship on all pieces is superlative.  Everything fits as expected (which is, of course, perfect).
As I mentioned before, I've tried some product from several of your competitors, nothing comes close in quality of construction or materials.  A lot of their stuff is very amateur in construction, lacking finesse and attention to detail, and there are huge sizing and fit issues.  I don't think the "gals" know how to fit us guys!  There are cheaper products, but they are NOT higher value.  With your suits you get more than what you pay for, that makes them the best deal, the best fit, and best looking.
Thanks, and keep it up, man!

Thanks for the email Ron.  It was so good to find someone who actually made swimwear I wanted to wear.  No Spring chicken but just love the sun on my body and your swimwear looks just perfect. I cannot wait!


Just wanted to let you know. I received my order yesterday, and the suits look great.
So nice in fact that my wife insisted that I model a couple of them for her. Needless to
say she was impressed. The cut, look, and feel of these suits are awesome. So nice
in fact I’m going to have to retire a few of my existing ones. I can’t wait to hit the beach
in Mexico next week wearing them. If these suits last half as long as how good they look
and feel there is no doubt where I will be buying my next ones.
Thanks again Ron, you do good work
Kevin Geelhoed

The suit arrived sooner than I had expected. The cut and fit are great. Quality of material and sewing is excellent. I am very satisfied.          
C. Morris Sarasota, FL

Came exactly as advertised, and I appreciated all the options available (e.g., label/no label, liner/no liner, etc.). Fit was precisely what I expected. Great product.          
Santa Monica, CA

Hi every one. After being posted in the mail it arrived quickly and I am very happy as the final product. I advise this site to every one. later I will come back to make another order
R Santo, Chevrier, haute, Savoie, France

I was having trouble finding a bathing suit that fit just right. I had an older one that I liked but it was pretty worn out. I sent Ron the old suit and he made the pattern. From there, he made two beautiful, high quality suits. I will definitely be ordering more!          
A Fan, Atlanta, GA

As a 6' 3" Florida sun-lover I've always had a difficult time finding bikinis and thongs in my size. Not only did Ron's garment fit perfectly, the workmanship was wonderful and the order was filled promptly.          
Florida Fan, Naples FL

The suit looks and fits great! Can't wait for the warmer weather to wear it to the beach. Great customer service, kept me informed throughout the process.          
M. Megathlin, Seattle, WA

Hi My swimwear arrived this morning and wow, they look fantastic and fit like a glove. Just perfect. The fabric and colours are even better than I expected. Vibrant and great quality. I can't wait to wear them to the pool. Now I have to plan my next purchase!          
W Auckland, New Zealand


The style I ordered was smaller in the front than I expected. Ron let me return it and allowed me to revise my order. He also answered questions I had about my revision so I was able to make the right choices for the new one. I am very happy with it and Ron is a gracious guy for standing behind his product. Very highly recommended!          
D Parent, Durham, NC

Well you never know what your going to get. But I was really pleased with the two items that I received. The colors were good, one yellow and one black with a little blue stripe. Size wise, couldn't ask for a better fit. Delivery came sooner then expected.          
J.E.S., Clearwater, FL


This is exactly what I was looking for. The product quality is excellent. Ron does a great job and is very good about keeping in touch with his customers.         United States
Helena, MT

Amazing fit and style. Great product I would recommend it to my friends any day of the week. Incredible fit and style fantastic material thank you Mr Ron          
O Jaimes, Conrow, TX

The slide front and back suit is a good fit made with quality material. It is nice to be able to customize a bikini for lap swimming that allows you to adjust the front and back depending on who is in the pool!          
CHIP, Toledo Ohio

I had asked ron if he could make me something with a different style and color combo, not a problem, i received them and ron came thru 100%, amazing exactly what i wanted,the magenta is awesome,these are a real head tuner,comfortable, perfect fit, thanks ron.
Marlborough, MA

I was very pleased with the personal attention I experienced. I forgot to designated the color/pattern and received a phone call, asking me my preferences. I paid for the express service and was pleased that my order arrived sooner than expected. In this age of impersonal "automatic" computer replies, it is a new experience to have such personal attention and service. The quality of the product was first-rate.
K Fancher, Seal Beach, CA

The depiction of this suit ( SMOOTH FRONT STRIPE BIKINI) on the web-site doesn't do it true justice. When I got mine, it was immediately my favorite.
The fit and finish of Ron's work is WELL beyond what you'll receive from a mass produced manufacturer.
Ron will also accommodate a variety of print selections not shown on this suit's order page. Mix - Match, have some fun !
It's a testament to Ron's Customer Satisfaction Focus.

Will, North Carolina

Received my "Hoist" and it raised my spirits. Top quality service from Ron and well worth the wait. I will be ordering other products soon..
Rick, Schererville, IN

Very nice job, perfect fit. I will order more in the near future. It exceededs my expectations. Other shops don't compare. Excellent customer service and a great quality product.
Jay, Biloxi, Mississippi

Excellent Quality! Courteous and helpful customer service and communication. Will definitely shop here again!
N. Provenzano, Australia

Ron, these 3 suits are the best fitting suits I have ever owned! I can can wear them all day and they just fit like a glove! The workmanship is outstanding! Thanks!
AJ, Phoenix, Arizona

Unlike many other products on the market, I pulled this swim brief on, and it had exactly the cut promised in the web-site photos. That is an exactly straight line going across the thighs of both legs. The 5" is about the minimum you can do with this sort of cut, but it works out exactly. First time I´ve bought army style, and I really like it.
Phil, Spain

I've been buying suits from Ron for years - and. always will. His workmanship is first rate, and the materials he uses are top quality and last forever. With his sizing system you can be sure that you'll get a custom fitted suit.
David, Coral Gables, Fl

This is a HOT item! Perfect fit, excellent quality . Thanks Ron and I look forward to buying additional items in the future.
Anton G, Phoenix, Arizona

Perfect Fit,Right Price,Best Quality
Jeanette, PA

GREAT SUIT fits really well. This suit is as I expected it would be from my past purchases, perfect. The fit fabric and workmanship are first class.
Paul, Merritt Island, FL

Great Quality. Very pleased with my new swimwear. Great quality in the stitching, it's nice to own a garment made in the USA. :-)
David, Ottawa, ON, Canada

RED WHITE N BLUE G STRING. WOW!! Love it. I'll wear it as often as I can to show that I'm patriotic.
Reed C, Clifton, NJ

Hello , to the one man show ( company )... just to say my order did arrive to France yesterday . I am very
pleased of all the items , I off course will expect some more news from you in the future . To me , you are
the best undies maker I ever met ... thank you for all .
Jacques Do, France

Package has arrived safely,and i would like to thank you for an excellent service,
I dont know of any other manufacturer who offers a customised service,like yours.
All swimwear items are a great fit,comfortable, well made, in nice quality materials.
I will certainly reccommend your services to my friends,and will personally be reordering
sometime in the future.
Brian. in the U.K
I received the suits in the mail yesterday! :0 Yea! That was quick!
The suits all look great on, and as always your craftsmanship is top notch. Keep up the great work, I’m glad you landed on your feet and are building a new, better, and bigger swimsuit empire!
You’re the MAN Ron!

Alan Jackson

For all these years I have benefitted by the excellence of materials and design in the suit you made for me. It is an honor that my note to you might stir others to make purchases. I am certain they will never regret buying swimwear and gym-wear from you!

We already put an order with you in the past. Four wonderful pieces of your work . Tony and I are very pleased with your design and work ethic, and the professionalism you used to handle the small crisis. I was very impressed with the rapidity that you took care of the situation. On top of having a great product with choice and model, keeping the customer happy is a great sign of longevity for any enterprise. which I am sure, you are only touching the surface Congratulation
YVES L, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I just wanted to let you know that the shorts and thong fit perfectly. I will be ordering several more of each items in the very near future.
Robert , New York

I received my suit and as usual it exceeds my expectations. Other shops just can't compare. Your attention to customer service, quality in fabric and stitching is the reason I always come back to you. My wife loves the look. I will be placing another order soon. Awesome job!
Johnny, Walnut Creek, CA
The quality of this hand made outfit is a credit to Ron. Be patient with him he does get very busy and this can cause delays, however it is well worth the wait. The hoist can be worn as swimwear or underwear, the material has a Wow! feel about it when in contact with your skin, it makes my manhood feel very sensitive and is flattered by the shape of the pouch. Good value and worth trying. Ron I have seen another outfit on your site and intend to place an order very soon.
Chris, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

These suits are amazing. Never had a suit that fit so well. Buffedbod crushes the competition!
Thanx Ron, for the great suits!

Jason, Dayton, Ohio

I wanted to thank you mucho, for taking care of me so promptly.
I needed/wanted the "Men's Panel Front Squarecut Swimwear" with the money for a convention I'm go to next week that is about money.
It was way to perfect for my needs and you came through. I received it on friday.
Thanks and look forward to the next order. I will allow more time...lol
BOB, So California

I love the 1/2" bikini in army green. The color is better than I expected and looks fantastic with my tan. Just what I wanted and just in time for my trip to the beach.
Ken, IL.

Its A good thing, All seven suits are a perfect fit and very comfortable. Super good job. I cant find that in any dept store that has most of there stock made in China or Mexico,
JIMMY, Boston, MA

Ron; Just received my new bikini swimwear. Great workmanship and quality. Looks great....I will recommend to others and am considering another for myself!
Gordon, Silverdale, Washington

I received the shipment successfully, it was done exactly as ordered. Congratulations for the excellent customer service that you bring up to my order. Definitely I will continue buying products for your company, because you have excellent quality materials and finishes are from first quality designer.
Edwin S, Puerto Rico

Ron:You have the greatest job in the world.
Will S, San Diego, CA

Hey Ron, the orange, tapered Sheer Tank Top High Cut you made me worked out great running
San Francisco's Bay-to-Breakers 12k foot race the other day. Not only sexy looking, but folds up low-volume to tuck under my cap when switching to bare-chested, which I usually do, then is handy
for the trip back downtown. I plan on ordering more in other colors.
Scott M, MA
Just read about your business. Didn't realize you were a one-man operation....so just wanted to say how much I appreciate the sheer gear that you provide! I LOVE IT...already have several colors of your sheer tee shirts and love to wear them with sheer bikinis or hose. Looks incredibly sexy.
Thanks again for doing what you do!!!
Bill ,Boston,MA
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